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Prolongation certificates on the approval of the type of measuring instruments

At present according to the new regulations the Pattern Approval Certificated can be prolonged (extended) for another 5 years. The procedure to prolong the Certificate is relatively easy. It takes about one month to do and costs from about EUR 2,300. In order to prolong a Pattern Approval Certificate two conditions should be formally met. (1) There must not have been any changes in the design and functioning of the device(s) covered by the Certificate to be proloned, and (2) There must have been no consumer claims as regarding the quality and functioning of the device to Rosstandart (Russian Metrology Authority) for the previous 5 - year period. The Certificates are prolonged by issuing a new Pattern Approval Certificate, no tests are conducted. There is no need to present the device(s) for tests either, but one photograph of the device is required.