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Accreditation of laboratories for the right to verify measuring instruments

We would like to offer you our labouratory accreditation services. If you have a lab, and would like to use it to perform calibration, and/or verification services according to Russia's calibration / verification regulations, than you lab requires the proper accreditation from Russian governmental body.

At present, all the lab accreditation authorities had been given to the Russia's Accreditation Agency, which is a governmental body responsible for this.

However, when the accreditaion expert(s) is (are) dispatched from the Accreditation body, the lab uncompliance to the accreditation requirements may result in the inability of the accreditation expert(s) to finish their work successfully, and may result in the loss of money and time due to that, because the process must be started from the beginning at that point.

We can prepare your lab for the smooth accreditation, so you would not loose money and time for that process.