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About us

As you may guess, the name of our company Market Gate® sounds for itself, it is THE GATE, The Gate, to the MARKET. In order to sell your measuring instruments, you need to enter Russia's market, so we are the Gate you can use to do so, especially in the field of measuring certification.

Иероглиф, обозначающий ворота

But what does our logo mean? Where does it come from? Well, our logo basically comes from Asian languages, and those cultures that use Chinese Traditional script. In Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Traditional this simple ideogram simply means "GATE". We chose it as the basis of our logo.

We also wrote there "Market Gate", added a frame, and a curved line over "Market Gate". The frame means our organization and structure, and the curved line over "Market Gate" means our creativity, and our will to be the best.

Прототип логотипа

Our logo and the trade markMarket Gate® are both registered marks in Russia, and are protected by Russian law. The governmental issued trade mark certificate, that you can see below, clearly says that. Nobody, but us, can use Market Gate® logo and trade mark to sell the controlled services. We are proud of our name and logo, and we are proud to serve you.

знак Маркет Гейт