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Pattern Approval Certificates of Measuring Instruments

Pattern Approval Certificates of Measuring Instruments are Russian certificates issued by government, that describe the process of how the covered measuring instrument can be traced to the Russian national standards. Every country has its national standards, usually held in governmental - established labs. Those standards are considered to be the "ideal" measuring instruments that have "zero" accuracy level, being the highest, most precise, measuring instrument in the country. All other measuring instruments must be traced to the national standard, and the process of "tracing" is called calibration.

Russian metrology system however goes further than that. Russia has managed to build an advanced metrology system due to isolated development during Cold War's nuclear arms race and development of its space program. In Russia, it is more often to deal with verification (POVERKA), than mere calibration of measuring instruments. Verification in Russia is very strict, and big companies have special employees responsible to do it on time.

According to Russia's legislation, verification is mandatory in the fields of governmental metrological control. Those fields include commercial transactions, medical measurements, ecological measurements, sports, land measurements, defence, security, and many other fields. In order to pass the verification procedure and allow the measuring instrument to be used in those areas, the Pattern Approval Certificate must be obtained.

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